Mk3 e2e8

Production Data

In a.t.b. 2010, the Holy Britannian Empire takes humanoid mobile weapons from the realm of fiction to real-world fact when they field the RP-11 Glasgow, the first military Knightmare Frame. In the face of such a weapon, the other major nations of the world realize that they have to match Britannia’s new weapons or perish. Eight years after the Glasgow, the democratic Euro Universe fields its own Knightmare Frame, the Mk3-E2E8 Panzer Hummel. While most Britannian Knightmares focus on close combat, the Panzer Hummel is a long-range machine, sporting cannon in place of arms and mounting machine guns and slash harkens on the hips.

Technical Data

Model number: Mk3-E2E8
Code name: Panzer Hummel
Unit type: custom seventh generation knightmare frame
Manufacturer: E.U. (Euro Universe)
Operator(s): E.U. (Euro Universe); United Federation of Nations/Black Knights
First deployment: a.t.b. 2018
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 4.10 meters
Weight: combat weight 8.79 metric tons
Fixed armaments: 2 x machine gun, mounted on hips; 2 x slash harken, mounted on hips; 2 x cannon, mounted as arms
Optional hand armaments: none


Code Geass : War of the EU Welding