Holy Britannian Empire

175px britannian flag.svg The Holy Empire of Britannia (also refered to as the Britannian Empire or just Britannia) is the world’s dominant military superpower and one of the large Empire-unions that control earth initially in the early 21st Century, the others being the Chinese Federation and the Euro Universe.
The Britannian Empire was originally the United States, after the English Isles were taken over by the French during Napoleonic Wars.

The current Emperor is Charles zi Britannia.
Britannia has expanded through the conquest of other countries, which have their name stripped, and are instead reffered to as a numbered Area. Every Area is ruled by one of the many sons or close relatives of the current Emperor.

Known Areas

1. United States
2. Canada and Queen Elizabeth Islands
3. Mexico
4. Greenland
5. Iceland
6. South America
7. Hawaii and Midway Atoll
8. Falkland Islands
9. New Zealand
10. Indochina
11. Japan
12. Philippines
13. Cambodia
14. Papua New Guinea
15. Southern Pacific Islands
16. Korean Peninsula
17. Indonesia
18. Middle Eastern Federation

Holy Britannian Empire

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