Ken Johnson

Angst ridden and out for vengeance


Profession Template:
Anime Stud

ATTR 8, INT 10, ED 5, REF 9, CO 10, EMP 2, TECH 5, LCK 5, MA 8, BT 8

Stability 25, Stun 7, Lift 90, EV 6, Throw 26

Skills :
Ride/Drive 3
Intimidation 4
Blade 2
Handgun 2
Interrogation 2
Streetwise 3
Dodge/Escape 4
Resist 2
Awareness 2
Stealth 1
Shadowing 2
Mecha Pilot 2
Mecha Gun 1
Mecha Melee 1
Human Perc. 1


Full Size Portrait


Ken’s parents were active within the EU Army, and of quite high rank.
Ken had a girlfriend, Marie Striker, whom he loved very much.

However, one day, soldier of unknown alliance broke into his house and kidnapped both him and his parents.
Marie, who was there at the time, tried to run, but got shot in the back and died before Ken’s very eyes.

Ken was then drugged into unconsiousness only to wake up in a windowless cell, without explanation of why he was put in there. After weeks of sitting in his cell, his only connection to the outside world a small shute through which food was given to him, suddenly the day of escape came!

His father opened his celldoor, a stolen gun in his hand. Together with his mother and father, Ken made his desperate escape. Suddenly bumping into a guard, his father got shot in the side. Ken and his father managed to overpower the guard, but his father was doing badly. He urged Ken and his mother to go on without him as he takes on the pursuing guards.

As Ken and his mother ran away they heard a gunshot and a single scream behind them.
Crying with grief and anger, Ken dragged his mom through the chrome steel hallways. When they reached an elevator, Ken began jamming the ground floor button to get away, when several soldiers approach.
Ken’s mother, desperate for her only son’s survival, covers his body with her own as she is riddled with bullets.

Ken stumbles into the elevator when it finally arrives, covered in the blood of his mother, a guard’s pistol still in his shaking hand. When the elevator finally reaches what appears to be ground level, Ken dashes out only to be confronted by a surprised young soldier.

He is obviously Britannian, and has no idea why this bloodcovered boy carrying a pistol just ran out of the elevator. In a split moment, Ken made his decision. He pointed the gun and fired.
That was the first time he ever killed anyone.

Ken somehow made his way out of the base, only to find himself trapped in what appeared to be the dusty plains of Africa. Confused and alone, Ken somehow managed to make his way back to London as a stowaway on a trade caravan.

When he got back, the EU Military took him in with open arms. His father and mother were both promoted to High Lieutenant, and a funeral was arranged for them and Marie Striker.
Strangely, none of the things Ken told them about the base he was captured in matched any of the military’s reports on known Britannian bases, and the whole ordeal was covered up in the media as a terrorist attack.

Ken currently goes to Highschool, the tuition payed by the EU Military, and he has a small appartment and gets a small amount of credits every month to live off.

Emotionally destroyed, Ken has become a cool, coldhearted individual, who wants nothing more than revenge on the Britannian Empire.

Looks and Details

Ken has pitchblack hair which covers his right eye. His eyes are amber coloured.
He is angst ridden and anti-social, and strives for his goal of vengeance with an almost manic conviction.

His only connection to his childhood days are his friends, Christopher “Chris” Hawkman and Malcolm White, and a small toy robot, a single bullet hole still in it’s torso.

Even though he cares about his parents very much, the person he still values most is his dead lover, Marie Striker.

Ken Johnson

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