Christopher "Chris" Hawkman

Witty, ladiesman, and skilled mechajock.


Profession Template:
Anime Hero

ATTR 8, INT 7, ED 4, REF 9, CO 7, EMP 8, TECH 7, LCK 5, MA 7, BT 8

Stability 18, Stun 7, Lift 90, EV 6, Throw 26

Persuasion 2
Human Perception 2
Seduction 3
Social 2
Awareness 2
Hand to Hand 2
Mecha Pilot 2
Mecha Gun 2
Mecha Melee 2
Athletics 2
Swimming 1
First Aid 1
Stealth 1
Driving 1
Wardrobe/Style 1
Handgun 1
Leadership 1


Full Sized Portrait


Christopher “Chris” Hawkman grew up with his sister and loving parents in the heart of London.
As his parents were both working for the government, he was often home alone with his sister and they learned how to take care of themselves while their parents were gone at an early age.
Partially because of this, Chris formed an inseparable bond with his little sister, Camilla or as how he refers to her, Cammy.
The two of them were always together, through thick and thin.
For a while when they became teens, they went their separate ways, with Chris deciding to become an athlete and Cammy becoming a dancer.
However, on a day that seemed to have come all too sudden, their parents told them that from here on out they had to go into hiding in order to protect both Christopher and Camilla.
They promised they’d still take care of them financially, but couldn’t give much of a reason as to why it had to be this way.
Though they were sad to hear this from their parents, both Christopher and Camilla were both old and wise enough to know that their parents wouldn’t do this unless there really was no other way and Christopher promised his mom and dad that he’d protect Cammy until the day they could be reunited.
Camilla promised she’d do her best too and from that moment onward the two of them could only really rely on each other.
They supported each other whenever needed and pulled through whatever hardships they had to face. Despite everything, they managed to go to school like everyone else and lived normal lives.
Both for his athletic prowess and excellent grades, Christopher became quite popular in his school and surrounding area.
The same went for Camilla, although to a lesser extent as she’d spend a lot of her time with her brother.
Eventually, Christopher found his first love and she found her first love in him as well.
She was in the same dancing class as Camilla and when one day Chris was waiting for his little sister, he met her.
She introduced herself as Samantha Cyning and the two of them hit it off pretty well almost right from the moment they met.
They were a happy couple and, while they were still quite young, to Chris it felt like it was going to be something that would actually last for years to come.
However, on a tragic day that all came to an abrupt end.
Samantha’s parents were involved in a car crash and passed away.
While he was determined to help her through her loss, Chris was perplexed to find his girlfriend missing, not a trace to be found of her even at her house.
Although the police made an effort to find her, they ended up writing it off as a potential suicide, given the circumstances, although no body was found to prove it.
Christopher knew that Samantha wasn’t the type of girl to commit suicide, but he had to admit that losing one’s family can’t just be brushed off and acknowledged he’d be at his wit’s ends as well if something were to happen to Cammy.
A few years have passed since then and life seems to be entirely normal for Christopher and for Cammy as well.
After entering high school, he was reunited with his two childhood friends, Ken Johnson and Malcolm White.
Both of them owned their own motorcycles and Chris remembered the fond times that his mom and dad would take Cammy and him out for a ride.
Searching through some of the belongings his parents left him, Chris, with Cammy’s help, eventually found the leather jackets their parents used to wear.
From that point out, the two of them decided to learn how to ride a motorcycle!
One day, Chris had some trouble with his bike and happened to meet a girl called Naomi Drew, who loved mechanics and started giving him an earful about how the owner should at least know how their motorcycle works.
In his defense, Chris said he knew how and what but that it was obviously beyond his ability to fix something on this scale.
Naomi took a quick look at it and told him to follow her to her father’s garage.
The two of them simply started talking and grew a liking to each other.
Whether it was his natural charm or simply the way he still treated her like a girl despite being a bit of a tomboy, Naomi came to like Chris as more than a friend pretty soon and it wasn’t much longer before the two of them started dating.
Somewhere along the road, as they grew closer and closer, and as Naomi got to know both Chris and his sister better, she developed a bit of a jealousy for Christopher’s close relationship with his little sister.
To make matters worse, Camilla’s outstanding grades and physical prowess in comparison to Naomi’s, developed something of a one-sided rivalry with the two of them.
Despite this, Naomi knows well enough that Camilla means a lot to Chris and as such she has something of a weird relationship with Cammy, trying to outperform her while at the same time not being a complete bitch to her.
Although Chis is aware of how Naomi feels jealous of his tight bond with Cammy, he feels like he can’t even begin to comprehend why she feels jealous of Cammy.
And so, Chris’s daily life continued peacefully and with many calm, normal days yet to come his way.

Or so he thought…!

Looks and details

Christopher is an extremely handsome young man with wild blonde hair and a perpetual grin on his face. He is known for his friendly personality and general likeability.
His most important possession is his father’s motorcycle jacket, and his most important person is his sister. He is motivated by the power of love.

Christopher "Chris" Hawkman

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