It is the year 2017, and the world is at peace. Most of the world, at least. The Holy Empire of Britannia has united over half the countries of the world under one banner. A nation united through conquest. The great Emperor Charles Di Britannia, who advocates inequality and discrimination, stands at the head of this great and mighty empire. Britannia has used a revolutionary new weapon, the Knightmare Frame, to great effect. Aided by hundreds of battleships, fighter planes, and other weapons of war, these 4 meter tall mechas lay waste to any opposing country they enter. After this country has been ‘converted’, it’s leaders killed and its capital wrecked, the country is given an ‘Area Number’. People’s nationality is taken away. They become neither Britannian’s nor do they keep their original nationality. They become the ‘Numbers’. Eleven’s, or Three’s, or Seven’s. The recent successful invasion into the world’s 3rd greatest nation, Japan, now called ‘Area 11’, has fully confirmed that no nation, no alliance, and no military might could possibly defeat Britannia.

Britannia’s last goals are the complete conversion of the Chinese Empire, and the Euro Universe, or E.U. The E.U is currently not under assault, but several of its countries have already been given numbers. Few independent countries have yet to be attacked, but their primitive technology of war couldn’t possibly stand a chance against the Knightmare Frames. The future looks bleak. However, hope remains. Stripped of their rights and nationality, the Numbers have only each other to rely on.

All over the world, suppressed people are secretly harboring plans for rebellion. All they need is someone to light the torch.

Code Geass : War of the EU

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